Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How To Arc Weld Stainless Steel

Welding is an important component of any work of metal structures; weld ability can be very valuable to know, due to the high cost, have made the repair and sealing. Welding cost ranges from $ 25- $ 50 per hour. Imaging doing it yourself to save money and learn a valuable trade. Stainless steel welding becomes a skill highly valued with an increase in the use of stainless steel products; stainless steels welding projects ranging from welding a cracked sink to welding a leak on a grain bin.

ARC Welding Stainless Steel

Buying or renting SMAW, Shielded metal arc welding or Stick electrode welder at your equipment or rent equipment company.

Connect the welding machine to an outlet 220V, and then connect the wires supporting the grounding cable and welder electrode holder cord into the welder.

Welding of stainless steel requires special electrode. Buy stick electrode AWS E308 stainless steel welding.

Clean the surface for welding with a wire brush.

Attach the ground cable of the welding torch on a piece of steel welding.

Placing the electrode into the welder electrodes holder, positioning the electrode near where the welding will start and pull his helmet over his face.

Touch the electrode on the steel until it gets to the arc and start to weave the electrode from side to side and always keep arc centimeter or less away from the piece of steel you are welding.

Let the weld to cool for a minute, then use a welding hammer to chip off the slag from the top of the weld.

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