Friday, November 4, 2016

How To Build a LED Light

When you create a simple LED light, you can become a great project for children and adults who just learn the electronics. LED light can be built using a simple circuit with an LED, consisting of a resistor and a battery. After the LED lights were soldered together, which was held the opening for the battery and LED, it can be placed almost all of the plastic housing. Resistors, are used to regulate the flow of current through the LEDs. Also a large amount of current can cause permanent damage to the LED too.

Step 1 - To one end of the resistor 1K ohm and connect the red line on the battery holder.

Step 2 - Solder the free end of the resistance to the LED of the positive lead. The positive terminal of the resistor is usually longer than the negative terminal.

Step 3 - Pin the black line of the battery holder to one wire push-button switch. Solder the lead of another push button on the negative side of the LED.

Step 4 - Connect the battery to the battery holder. When you press the switch button, LED will light up.

Step 5 - If there is a need to mount the LED light to the selected container, remove the battery.

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