Monday, January 30, 2017

Great Way To Making A Coconut Shell Crafts

The hardest part of creating coconut shell crafts made from coconut is opening the coconuts and removing the meat. If the refrigerator is kept in a coconut for an hour before cutting, the shell becomes easier to penetrate the meat becomes easier to remove. After the coconut is open and clean shells are universal containers for different boats. Leave natural coconut for a rustic, island feel their crafts. You can also paint the shells or attach ornaments such as rhinestones, gemstones and buttons using a single epoxy adhesive.

Bird Feeder

Make a hole in one of the dark spots on one end of the coconut. Keep the coconut on a bowl with a side hole down and let it drain. Fresh coconut for one hour to facilitate cutting.

Keep the coconut in a vise. Cut the coconut in half with a metal saw. Remove the meat for your own use, or leave it inside a coconut for the birds.

Drill the three 1/4-inch hole through the edge of each part into two coconut. Space the holes evenly.

Cut six equal lengths of twine. Insert one end of each piece of string through the holes around the rim, from the outside to the inside. Pull the line through each 4-inch hole. Tie the end of the string to itself on the top edge of the coconut.

Collect three divided sections at the opposite end of the coconut and tie them together. Hang three chains joined sections over S hook.

Cover the perforated hole in one of the coconut halves with masking tape. Fill the bird feeder with seeds.


Pierce one end of the coconut and pour the milk into a bowl. Fresh coconut for one hour. Keep the coconut in a vise.

Cut the coconut in two parts with a saw 3 to 4 inches from the top. Clean the coconut meat of both sections with a sawing knife. Drill three 1/4 inch holes in the bottom of the large cross section. Leaves in the pot.

Place most of the coconut on a work surface so that the cutting edge of the face down. Apply a full quarter-sized epoxy adhesive part to the top section of a coconut.

Press the bottom of the coconut of the smaller portion of the tail, with the widest part of the cut side. Press the top of the coconut for two minutes. Leave coconut to rest for 24 hours.

Make the coconut oil, so that a small part down. Line the bottom of the larger cross-section with coffee filters, and then fill it with soil and plants.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How To Install LED Lighting?

How To Install LED Lighting?
LED lighting is a new way to provide light to another location such as under the kitchen cabinet. This type of light is generally more energy efficient than a standard incandescent bulb. Depending on the way the lamps are configured and designed so that your cabinet has a low profile, so that they can not be seen under the cupboard. With LED lighting it can be done in the first place to determine where to place the LED assembly.

Choose the location of the LED light bulb, so that you know the place you want to place the wiring.

Search for a location for electric LED light source. Power is usually placed in the kitchen cabinet.

Drill small pilot holes in the underside of the cabinet to see where the wiring will need to go.

Locate a circuit to use for the LED lighting on your home's junction or circuit box.

Turn off the circuit that is going to be used for the LED lighting.

Electric wire flow from your basement or distribution chain in the box through the floor to the down office.

Connect the power cord from the light source to the LED light source. Refer to the LED lighting procedure to correctly connect the harness.

Connect the ground wire from the electric LED light source to the switch box.

Please check out the lighting by turning the light switch to the "ON" position by turning the chain out of the box.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Amazing Benefits Of AAC Blocks

Autoclave aerated concrete (AAC) is a building material with its superior load capacity and compressive strength, in particular, making ACC earthquake building blocks many benefits. The material is not flammable, but it provides excellent thermal insulation. Finally, AAC is very light, so you can easily and quickly process without heavy equipment.

Fast Building with AAC Blocks

Building with AAC blocks is faster than traditional building materials.
  • Brick, larger AAC average block size than concrete block
  • Approximately 75% lighter than concrete of AAC block
  • High dimensional accuracy can be installed quickly and easily using thin layer mortar

Perfect Thermal Insulation

In Winter - AAC material provides excellent thermal protection and helps to reduce heating costs.
  • The characteristic structure of AAC helps millions of small filled holes filled with air, respectively, including heat accumulate heat and avoid energy loss
  • Insulation of AAC is significantly the same in all directions of units, which can significantly reduce thermal bridge
In Summer - Our AAC block helps significantly reduce cooling costs

Up to 80% of the heat from the outside enters from the roof of the building
Building cooling is about 4 times more expensive than heating
Our AAC material has excellent insulation that reduces minimum temperature fluctuation while ensuring adequate ventilation

Building with AAC is Easy and Simple

Our AAC products can be cut into any shape and angle for use in all types of building applications.
  • AAC is easy to cut - just as a tree cut
  • A special tool will help you build with our materials
Healthy Room Climate with AAC Blocks

It offers excellent thermal insulation and breathability, comfortable accommodation.
  • Our products adjust the humidity inside the building
  • A convenient and healthy indoor climate is achieved throughout the year,
Outstanding Fire Resistance

We have the perfect solution for using fire safety, prevent damage and protect our lives.
  • AAC is a noncombustible building material,
  • AAC does not emit toxic gases in case of fire
  • The best rating in the industry - our AAC material will provide up to 3 hours of fire protection
Ecology: Sustainable Building Material

Our materials are certified as one of the most sustainable construction materials.
  • Our products are made from natural ingredients such as sand, lime, cement and water
  • The byproducts of the business process are recycled back to the manufacturing process

Excellent Earthquake Resistance and Load-bearing Capacity

Our material guarantees construction, such as filling and masonry safety as well as supporting structure.
  • Despite the weight saving of our AAC block, its homogeneous structure of the building enables load distribution in all directions
  • Thanks to its outstanding plasticity of our AAC block in the building, we can withstand earthquakes and can affect damage
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