Monday, January 30, 2017

Great Way To Making A Coconut Shell Crafts

The hardest part of creating coconut shell crafts made from coconut is opening the coconuts and removing the meat. If the refrigerator is kept in a coconut for an hour before cutting, the shell becomes easier to penetrate the meat becomes easier to remove. After the coconut is open and clean shells are universal containers for different boats. Leave natural coconut for a rustic, island feel their crafts. You can also paint the shells or attach ornaments such as rhinestones, gemstones and buttons using a single epoxy adhesive.

Bird Feeder

Make a hole in one of the dark spots on one end of the coconut. Keep the coconut on a bowl with a side hole down and let it drain. Fresh coconut for one hour to facilitate cutting.

Keep the coconut in a vise. Cut the coconut in half with a metal saw. Remove the meat for your own use, or leave it inside a coconut for the birds.

Drill the three 1/4-inch hole through the edge of each part into two coconut. Space the holes evenly.

Cut six equal lengths of twine. Insert one end of each piece of string through the holes around the rim, from the outside to the inside. Pull the line through each 4-inch hole. Tie the end of the string to itself on the top edge of the coconut.

Collect three divided sections at the opposite end of the coconut and tie them together. Hang three chains joined sections over S hook.

Cover the perforated hole in one of the coconut halves with masking tape. Fill the bird feeder with seeds.


Pierce one end of the coconut and pour the milk into a bowl. Fresh coconut for one hour. Keep the coconut in a vise.

Cut the coconut in two parts with a saw 3 to 4 inches from the top. Clean the coconut meat of both sections with a sawing knife. Drill three 1/4 inch holes in the bottom of the large cross section. Leaves in the pot.

Place most of the coconut on a work surface so that the cutting edge of the face down. Apply a full quarter-sized epoxy adhesive part to the top section of a coconut.

Press the bottom of the coconut of the smaller portion of the tail, with the widest part of the cut side. Press the top of the coconut for two minutes. Leave coconut to rest for 24 hours.

Make the coconut oil, so that a small part down. Line the bottom of the larger cross-section with coffee filters, and then fill it with soil and plants.