Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How To Install LED Lighting?

How To Install LED Lighting?
LED lighting is a new way to provide light to another location such as under the kitchen cabinet. This type of light is generally more energy efficient than a standard incandescent bulb. Depending on the way the lamps are configured and designed so that your cabinet has a low profile, so that they can not be seen under the cupboard. With LED lighting it can be done in the first place to determine where to place the LED assembly.

Choose the location of the LED light bulb, so that you know the place you want to place the wiring.

Search for a location for electric LED light source. Power is usually placed in the kitchen cabinet.

Drill small pilot holes in the underside of the cabinet to see where the wiring will need to go.

Locate a circuit to use for the LED lighting on your home's junction or circuit box.

Turn off the circuit that is going to be used for the LED lighting.

Electric wire flow from your basement or distribution chain in the box through the floor to the down office.

Connect the power cord from the light source to the LED light source. Refer to the LED lighting procedure to correctly connect the harness.

Connect the ground wire from the electric LED light source to the switch box.

Please check out the lighting by turning the light switch to the "ON" position by turning the chain out of the box.

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