Thursday, July 28, 2016

Benefits of Timber Flooring

Benefits of Timber Flooring

Flooring is one of the main segments that reflect the look and functionality of your home. Apartments have the right to affect many areas of your home. For instance, if you choose flooring that easily catches dust, you will have to spend more time for cleaning. Durability is also important. The flooring is made of durable material is a long-term investment that will save you time and money.

The most popular types of flooring that people prefer to install in their homes model, made of hard wood floor. One type is a timber floor. This solution has many advantages over the floor, and this is the main reason why it is the number one choice for many homeowners. Moreover, when it comes to installing floors, people often seek backing for timber floors.

There are many reasons why you should consider installing underlay before applying on the floor at home with wood floors. The three main advantages of the base layer of wooden flooring are:

Thermal protection

The underlay for wooden floors offers a high level of thermal protection. By installing the lining flooring hardwood, you can raise the temperature in your home up to 15%. Since the temperature can be maintained for a long period of time, the flooring solution is highly energy efficient and certainly smart investment.


The high-rise buildings, the noise is a common problem. In residential or commercial buildings the noise coming from the other plants can be very annoying and disturbing. The best way to reduce the noise level in your home underlay for wooden flooring.

Longer Floor Life

The underlay for timber flooring will extend the life of the timber flooring. This is a result of the ability of the base layer to protect the flooring from environmental influences such as humidity, abrupt temperature variations and dust. When wood flooring is well protected, it will remain in good condition longer. This is one of the main reasons why you should put before installing timber flooring. You can views a variety of timber flooring at, which is Myanmar B2B e-commerce platform and Myanmar Online Shopping for Business Products buyers.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Benefits Of Using Stand Food Mixer

Although stand mixers foods may require more space on the kitchen counter, which are very effective and valuable for foodies and bake. Compared to the old beaters manuals that are easy to use, versatile and has a modern look. When baking and just like cooking, is a high-tech device will become your best friend in the kitchen. Once you try to mix with it, you will feel as if they have discovered a new world of infinite possibilities.

Benefits Of Using Stand Food Mixer

Multitasking in the kitchen has never been easier, because your new concession stand mixer will help you do more in less time. If you are wondering if this is a good investment, we are here to help you make a decision, which has three great advantages of this amazing device. So, let's see what is good in the stand mixer?

No Effort

Food stand mixer takes mixing food to a whole new level. You can mix, whip or the mixture without fatigue. It has much more energy than conventional food mixer, and this makes it easy to mix heavier cookie batters, kneading bread dough and cake mix because it has different speed options. All get tired, when mixed with a hand mixer, and tend to make the mixing process is shorter than it should be a process, which has a negative impact on results. Stand food mixer offer the best combination of ingredients in less time. So why not make life easier, saving valuable time for yourself. No more repetitive work for you.

Less Mess

Try as hard as you want, but it is very likely that every time you use conventional eggbeaters and try to add more ingredients, that somehow reach beaters and eventually everywhere. Electric stand food blenders make it easier for you to follow your recipes and add ingredients while the beaters still working without having ingredients flying everywhere. In addition, you can stop the rotation, lift your head and add everything you need, without having to hold onto the beaters dripping all over the counter or on the floor. Stand food mixers will minimize the mess.


The best part is that the stand food mixers are not only for beating; They come with a lot of different accessories, such as whisks, stirrers and kneading hooks. They can help you do much more than simply mix cake batter or mix the eggs and cream. You can use them to your favorite ice cream, pasta, pizza dough, and more. Enjoy the small pleasures of life. If you want to view details of food processing machines, you can visit at, which is myanmar B2B e-commerce platform.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Three Benefits Of Remodeling Your Bathroom

So you're redoing your bathroom? Or perhaps its building of a new home? Most people want to be fully involved in every process, to ensure that they get the most out of your space. There are many benefits that come with the updated home, some of which you may not have thought so far. Maybe you're just considering, as an idea, and we hope that after reading this article, you may feel inclined to do so. Without beating around the bush, here's why you can never go wrong by investing in your own home.

 1. Add Value To Your Home

Update your bathroom with new opportunities will certainly increase the value of your home. This is especially good for those who are trying to sell the house they currently possess. This also means that it will be to win back the money you spent, plus it will also be. A good bath is always a great selling point, so the more you can ask? While this is true for most rooms, bathroom really need that most of us can not live without them. It is therefore important that you spend more money on the maintenance of this elegant, functional and renovated room. Having a bright, new bathroom really improve their quality of life.

2. Update The Style & Make It More Functional

There have been so many great innovations in the last two years, when it comes to bath products. Baths, toilets, sinks, and have all the status updates, how to make life so much more comfortable. You can easily put on the TV, sitting in your Jacuzzi-style bathtub, bathrooms with heated even a toilet seat! Although none of these things is not required, just make it that much more enjoyable. Remaking your bathroom and makes it possible to get rid of everything that you are doing wrong, which can make it hard to actually go through the room. There are many great places that you can find bathroom products wide why not check out what is on the market. Looking at what's new and seeing what other Myanmar are buying might inspire the planning and redistribution of their own bathroom. This is your chance to fix your bathroom and really make it a place that you love!

3. Correct Anything Unsafe

If you have any problems with safety in your bathroom, you just need to remodel. Most people will have problems with the bathroom at some point or the other, or mould on the ceiling or walls, soft spots on the floor, possibly electrical problems, it's time to fix all these things, you should consult an expert if you are not sure to do it yourself to really have a good look at these issues, so that they can fix them for you. You will begin to love your new bathroom, where all of your headaches have disappeared. You can find a variety of bathroom products and building materials at, which is Myanmar B2B e-commerce platform and online shopping for myanmar business products buyers.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Benefits Of Using Forklifts

Benefits Of Using Forklifts

Forklifts are very useful machines and can be seen in all stores and warehouse complex. Without these machines, warehouses will not be able to work effectively with ease. The forklifts are normally used to move heavy loads and materials from one place to another quickly and with less effort. One of the advantages of forklifts is that they are able to reach objects placed on high ground. Business owners get the other benefits of using forklifts, some of which are as follows:

Great Lifting & Loading Capacities Forklifts are small but compact machine, designed to work in small, tight spaces. Moreover, they are highly maneuverable and able to lift a variety of loads. Most dealers offer a small power lift, but there are also forklifts with a capacity of more than 5000 kg. The best thing you can choose the forklift with the configuration and the ability to right, depending on your needs.

Ease Of Maintenance –  The Forklifts with simple operation and maintenance is that all forklift dealers can guarantee. Proper and regular maintenance is essential to ensure a long life and is very important to keep the machine in good working condition. Most forklift manufacturers today offer a complete service and maintenance plan.

Increased Safety –  Before forklifts became available, people who worked in warehouses and factories use simple and specialized for lifting and loads, such as ropes, cables, pulleys and other combinations of movement system. Of course, these lifting equipment self-made they were not sure. Forklift today is much improved, and increase the safety of operators and other employees.

Today, a number of forklifts distributors offer a variety of models of forklifts, so you need to determine which model is right for your needs. You can choose either a electric, gasoline, diesel or propane-powered forklift. You can buy and view details of forklifts at, which is myanmar B2B e-commerce platform and online shopping for myanmar business products buyers.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Benefits Of Coffee Machine At Work

If you have a business with employees working in the office, it is likely that you have been considering investing in a coffee machine in the office. If you have not already done so, here are some good reasons to make a purchase.

The Benefits Of Coffee Machine At Work

Caffeine helps workers perform better

Studies of night shift workers have shown that caffeinated shifts workers made fewer errors than their decaffeinated colleagues. Caffeine gives people improve short-term memory and improves memory up to 24 hours after it is consumed.

Coffee breaks can boost productivity

If you have a coffee machine, workers tend to plan breaks at the same time. MIT studies have shown that employees who take coffee breaks together are more productively.

Office coffee machines save time

Continuing the performance angle, if employees leave the office to get their caffeine fix may take up to 15 minutes to return. This adds to a massive 60 hours per year of wasted time, for one person!

Automatic machines make coffee available around the clock

If you invest in a automatic machine that will make while everyone is working, so always be ready to use, 24 hours a day. This is great if you have clients drop in, or have staff that work long hours.

Business coffee machines are safe

In an office environment, where people are constantly running around, the last thing you want is an accident with a boiling point of ingredients. Technological advances have provided the high quality of the machine is incredibly safe and easy to use. If you are still using the kettle or cappuccino frothers it may be time for an update!

Coffee eases the pain of working at a desk

It has been shown that coffee consumption may relieve pain in the neck, shoulders, arms and wrists. Japanese Recent studies have demonstrated that coffee improves blood circulation, with the coffee drinkers showing a 30% increase in blood flow as compared to their absence of caffeine.

Coffee eases the pain of working at a desk

Good machines make good coffee

No one wants to drink awful coffee, and if workers are faced with a below average drink, their mood will reflect this, and their performance will suffer. A happy worker is a good worker!

Our machines are of the highest quality and we only stock the best brands on the market. To find out more visit us on which is myanmar B2B e-commerce platform.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Nature's T Infusion Unicity Herbal Detoxification In The Colon

Nature's T Infusion Unicity  Herbal Detoxification In The Colon

Nature's T is marshmallow herbal detoxification in the intestine without anal garden. Soft sweetness. To help loosen mucus and debris. It helps in digestion and circulation. Reduce te chloride level in cholesterol reduction of cellulite cure constipation. Reduce the accumulation of uric acid kidney stones cause problems. Gout, and allergy. It also eliminates the undesirable odor with


- Herbal detoxification in the intestines. 9 kinds of natural herbs, non-toxic.
- To improve the program. Detoxification is a good drink, just drink before bedtime. No anal garden.
- Promoting bowel movement. I mucous toxic residues in the digestive system.
- To drain the bowel contractions and relaxation moves into the large intestine.
- Helps wound healing, abscesses, intestinal inflammation reducing inflammation in the digestive tract. Strengthening the digestive system intact.
- Reduce the accumulation of uric acid. Gallstones, gout problem of allergies.
- Reduce cellulite supplement program for weight control.

Herbal detoxification in the intestines. 9 kinds of natural herbs, non-toxic.
1. Marshmallow (Althea officialis)
2. Peppermint
3. Honey Suckle
4. Bearberry (Uva Ursi)
5. Chamomile
6. Rosehip
7. Orange Peel
8. Senna Leaf
9. Bucthorn Fogbark

Product Features

Herbal detoxification in the intestine. 9 kinds of natural herbs, non-toxic.
Promoting bowel movement. I mucous toxic residues in the digestive system.
It helps the healing of wounds, abscesses, inflammatory bowel disease by reducing inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. Strengthening the digestive system intact.
Reduce cellulite supplement program for weight control.

You can buy and view information of Nature's T Infusion at, which is myanmar B2B
e-commerce platform.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Top 5 B2B Brands Who Rocked Storytelling

Top 5 B2B Brands who rocked storytelling

B2C storytelling has a long history and stable. Think Don Draper of Mad Men, which was basically tell good stories (and act less intoxicated than it was supposed to). But B2B? It is harder to reach good examples of successful marketing companies to other companies with an interesting history of the brand.

And while going to get away with it before, B2B landscape is changing, thanks in part to the rise of Millennials in influential positions B2B.

The story not only for the B2C, however, despite the fact that many B2Bs make the mistake of thinking it. In fact, other companies are so susceptible to his stories moving, as consumers, especially because in the end, is still faced with one or a group of decision - makers. And with so many myanmar B2B newcomers rise from the edge in branding, the history of the brand has become one of the most important assets of a B2B marketing giant players and neophytes.

Here are five brands that are completely killed with their storytelling of this year. If you want to amplify their marketing efforts and attract customers and clients like never before, take a page from their book.

1). Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a god when it comes to inbound marketing. Why? Because their efforts they are based on the idea that users tell stories that consumers who donate campaign to see carried move. The stories are all Kickstarter ago, and even his own story - We help people to tell their stories - it's pretty compelling. This is a classic example of a site that uses the connection to speak directly with the core businesses and consumers. The result? An insane number of successful campaigns and ever-growing value.

2). LinkedIn

You do not think of LinkedIn as a B2B marketing engine, but oh, it is. This is not the same as the place to help other B2B marketers (who does, and regular users). No, LinkedIn is a business that service business par excellence. It helps companies build a brand, to connect to each other, the market effectively and get the big conclusions. And it does all this by saying a very simple, but very compelling story: We connect people better than anyone. Lesson: Find your bailiwick, and refuse to stop talking about it.

3). Salesforce

Salesforce is a B2B through serving other companies with tools that help them sell, market and analyzed. At the top it has an excellent service, which tell a story that is hard to ignore.

Well, actually, they do not say. They allow their customers to do so. Although this is not a new trick - it is the basis of most of the marketing of witnesses there - really mastered this technique and turned it into an art form with their success stories. In addition to a full review of the experience of each client (no more quote here!) They also showcase a several-minute of video.

4). Zendesk

In an effort to increase their marketing efforts, Zendesk launched a campaign, which was completely new to the world of marketing and at the same time, tried and true: a fake story. Of course, marketers create false stories all the time. The world is full of false advertisements evidence that whole narrative, but Zendesk has taken a different approach.

They made a band called Zendesk Alternative was formed with semi-grungy musicians and a special website. Predicated on the idea that the only group is good enough to be labeled as an alternative to Zendesk is a fading rock band called, curiously enough, Zendesk Alternative, the site brought tons of traffic to a real company. Talk about rocking.

5). Cisco

Cisco Systems, company extremely influential California-based technology, uses the story perfectly, to highlight its brand, its experience and ongoing efforts to stay at the cutting edge of digital and technology. But perhaps one of the best things to do is tell a story. Consider this announcement, or words of Tim Washer, Sr. Marketing Manager of Social Media: "When I can not find compelling statistic to support my argument statistics, I have to invent one: 73 percent of people who read B2B blogs are people. " Be funny, honey. It works.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4 Ways To Convert More B2B Blog Reader into Clients

Blogs are the backbone of successful inbound marketing strategy. For the public, which is an educational resource that answers questions and builds trust in the company as a consultant. For incoming marketer, which are the key to getting indexed pages, increasing the positions of the list, contributing to leadership, promoting user participation, and the establishment of the first contact becomes a strange visitor.

4 Ways To Conver More B2B Blog Reader into Clients

As the "top of the funnel" tool often serving as the first introduction to your website and message, many people are not clear, as they have a direct impact on the bottom line in terms of attracting new customers, and how they can be used for more effective business management. To dispel the fog, hiding the essence of its content strategy, we've compiled some tips to help convert more readers blog for myanmar B2B customers.

1). Never Forget your buyer persona 

Every business operates incoming campaign should be very familiar with the characters of the buyer or different audience segments, which are described in demographic and psychographic terms. Armed with a clear understanding of who your customers are, you can more skillfully to create content that appeals to that particular individuals.

Highly targeted messages are crucial, as the "jack of all trades" blog can be externally interesting for many people, but may not dig deep enough to increase the real value of some of them, while a very specific issue can have a huge impact Subset your audience. If you are a SaaS provider can have two (or more) different characters with different objectives and interests, even if both paths lead to your product.The real mission of each part should be considered a specific buyer persona and try to make your day with the appropriate information.

2). Consider their buyer journey

In all (ie without a pulse) the purchase is considered, people go through a fairly predictable cycle of studies to determine the best course of action. They begin at the stage of "awareness" and to recognize the potential problem, and then they go into a phase of "consideration" through which research, what decisions it made, and, finally, the script "decision" very focused on determining what will best solve their needs.

Creating blog content that the buyer is aware of the stages of this trip helps to ensure that the information they found relevant at that time. The flood your blog with just a single step, neglecting the others creates a scenario where prospects may have trouble finding your site, but it is not clear why they should be considered as a solution.

3). Be sure to use call-to-action

Human interaction with your site should never come to an end after you finish reading the blog. If we had worked so hard to get where we want to keep them there! Each entry should include a variety of Calls to Action, or instructions to continue their journey.

Experiment with different combinations of further reading, encouraging them to share through your social networks, or leave a comment or question. This last option may be our favorite, as it opens a dialog box, and helps to humanize the experience, implying that there is a voice on the other side. These calls do not apply to action only to other blogs, but also offers downloadable content, which can help with the purchase of lead. Think of blogs as they are gentle strokes, and downloadable offerings like their final reapers.

4). Implement marketing automation & personalization 

For many people, marketing automation is a newsletter by e-mail, or activated actions that take place in the background. It's not bad, but it's also just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the work of the marketing strategy of the incoming blog.

This personalization is crucial, because the relevance is always the guiding tenet. Make sure that the information the reader is that they care and their interests are aligned. This can be achieved totally by electronic mail drops, but there are tools which can change the content within the page based on the viewing history of the viewer. Even if you have not captured their information, such as lead, the use of cookies to track people coming back to your website can help ensure that they serve up is always fresh and top of mind for them.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

5 Tips For an Awesome B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy

B2B social media marketing strategy

Business to business enterprises (B2B) are often difficult to find the benefits of social media in their marketing strategy. Because of the market they tend to be smaller and more vertical than business to consumer (B2C) companies, which often do not see how the implementing of a solid social media marketing plan has the potential to help close new sales.

1). Know Your Goals

What do you hope to achieve with your marketing efforts of social media? Do you want to grow your reputation and awareness of potential buyers? Whether you are looking to improve their marketing strategies and incoming leads? Do you want to grow and develop its relations with existing customers? Do you want to be seen as a thought leader? Plan what you want to achieve will help you determine if you are constantly on the right track.

2). Asses Your Situation

Good old SWOT factors play a great marketing plan in social networks, as they do in any traditional marketing plan. What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? Knowing this can help with the development of the strong items of marketing actions in social media that will lead your company in the right direction between the social channels.

3). Analyze Your Market

As B2B companies, you probably already know your market and customers well enough. Use this information to determine if it fall on the social spectrum. Think about what time (and when) they spend online, and where they may be exposed to your marketing message.

Social media is a great way to collect data and build an audience for your upcoming or established product, brand or service. You can integrate the results of a survey of social media in their analysis to obtain a more complete picture of how the public perceives your product, service or company. You can also monitor conversations about your brand or industry as a whole. You can use this data to make your business marketing strategy more effective business.

4). Become An Influencer

Social media makes it possible to maintain its relevance to business prospects, define your brand and position the company as an Influencer and thought leader in your industry.

Stay on top of the industry, by producing valuable content that will resonate with your audience and peers. Think about your social media channels as a pedestal for leadership. Lead the flock with content that is engaging and that matters to your target audience.

5). Devise an Implementaion Plan

There are two important things to consider when designing your implementation strategy:

-What - Develop a plan for quality content that delivers a clear message is critical. You know what you're going to say and how you say it. It should be noted that social media is a conversation tool, which may lead to a relationship with a potential buyer. What are you waiting to talk or share with potential buyers? Don't be salesy. Integration of management, industry news and other factors conversation in their social media posts.

Where - Which social media channels make their current and potential customers frequent? Go there. Remember that your customers are not some mysterious substance exists somewhere in your marketing funnel. These people, and many people are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social channels these days. Having a steady and strong presence in these areas can help you contact these people.

LinkedIn is especially important social media for Myanmar B2B companies. Because LinkedIn is a business-oriented, which is populated with pre-qualified audience. According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, "LinkedIn should be the focus of any B2B social marketing campaign, because the traffic passing through LinkedIn is much more highly qualified traffic that comes from Twitter or Facebook."

The moral of this story is that if you are new to social media marketing, and you have a Myanmar B2B company, LinkedIn is a great place to start.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Define B2B Product Strategy in Marketing

define b2b product strategy in markeing

Product strategy is a key component of the marketing strategy. The product itself forwards doing business solutions to achieve success in the market. Decision makers evaluate product attributes, industry and competitors. This information is used to develop a product strategy intended to achieve short-term sales and long term, income and distributional objectives. The product strategy is developed and written by a team of marketing organization, and requires the final approval of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Market Research

The research is used to identify needs and desires of the target customers of the product development strategy. It is not limited to consumer products; it includes products for business too. In the trade, this is called a B2B (business to business) product strategy. The airlines use B2B products strategies to identify the special needs of business travelers, and then introduced the program business class seats and rewards loyalty. Food manufacturers leveraged the identification of busy working parents to introduce a wide array of frozen complete meals and “heat and serve” food items.

Product Development

The producers of consumer goods rely heavily on strong product strategies. Because billions of dollars and market share are at stake, nationally recognized by manufacturers of food products and consumer goods will spend millions of dollars in product development, to introduce new variants of the brand. The term "new and improved" is used for advertising reformulations of existing products to create a new life, and the interest of consumers, and outshine the competition. For example, a product strategy for the laundry detergent may be based on the addition of fragrance, fabric-softener additive or use in cold water.

Product Positioning

The company's products in the market to meet the needs of target customers. Develop a "positioning" for the product to compete with other products and brands on the market. Positioning is also known as a "unique selling proposition" (USP). Positioning and USP claim is often the result of product research. For example, toothpaste manufacturers can position your brand as one that "prevents tooth decay is four times better than the other rands." Product strategy will then include a positioning statement as an essential language use in advertising, packaging, displays, products and promotions.


Distribution plays an important role in product strategy. In some cases, the distribution strategy can even determine the positioning. It is often used for direct-to-consumer products (D2C) that are advertised as "not available in stores" or "as seen on TV" and that require mail or telephone ordering. Moreover, some companies may limit the availability of products for a select group of one or more stores retail. This strategy provides exceptional product distribution in order to promote and increase sales.


In some cases, product strategy based on price alone. It is often used to store brands (also called "private label"), found in grocery stores and "big box" super stores. Store brands often cost up to 20 percent less than leading national brands advertised. Buyers buy items like toilet paper or canned goods at a lower price, but also to complete the rest of their shopping in the store. On the basis of membership or shops "club" entirely due to the strategy of product prices. Car dealers use prices as part of its product strategy to clear old inventory and make room for new models, offering discounts below the manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP).

This is not only thing to define B2B product strategy in marketing for myanmar b2b, but if you use with these things that you will be well on your way to success.