Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How To Start Furniture Business

How To Start Furniture Business

Everyone needs furniture. If we are talking about college students or doctors, everyone's home or business needs furniture. There are many possibilities when running furniture business. Several decorations and themes, specialty items and accessories make the furniture business are endless as the type of product you can provide to customers. To truly have a successful furniture business, however, you need to reduce their initial inventory and fill needs other furniture stores in your area aren't meeting.

Determine the types of furniture and accessories you want to sell. Perhaps you are only interested in selling office furniture and business, or perhaps you wants to be a bedroom super store. Some furniture stores specialize in hard to find a theme and decor. Your choice may reflect your own taste and interest, or can determine the need in your community that is not fulfilled by other furniture stores Community.

Write your business plan. Contact your local small business administration representative for help (see Resources). Your business plan should include your goals, objectives and methods. Indicative budget should also accompany your business plan. With the full business plan is more likely to receive funding from a variety of organizations, including grants, loans and investors.

Identify a location available for your business. If you decide to start a business online only, you only need a warehouse location. However, if you want to do business with a shop and showroom, you will need a place that is commercially zoned and in a higher traffic area of your community. You can build a fantastic interior, but if people do not drive, your exposure is limited.

The license for your business with your city and county, if necessary.

Find wholesalers and buy your inventory. Shop around to get the best possible price. By buying in large quantities can get the best price, it may be because your financial opportunities from the beginning. Do not overextend when building up your inventory.

Keep track of everything. The inventory of all your goods. Keep track of purchases and accounts payable and receivable. Keep track of all taxes and pay regularly.

Visit other stores. Pay attention to what they do well and the things you do not like their stores. Use what you learn in your own shop.

Buying delivery van or truck. In the beginning, it is advisable to buy a used car carefully. If you already have a truck, a trailer can be as wise purchase for delivery of furniture. Remove all traces of the previous owner and apply the name of the furniture store for the vehicle.

This is not only thing how to start furniture business for myanmar business, but if you use with these things that you will be well on your way to success.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Great Ways To Develop a B2B Website

great ways to develop a b2b website

A business-to-business (B2B) sells its products directly to another company as a wholesaler sells clothing for retailers. However, in contrast to business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-government (B2G), B2B companies need to create a professional person, who is at the same time attract the attention of finishing and selling if they expect to transmit and sell their products to other businesses successfully. Sharp and easy to use website is essential in today's economy, but building a successful presence in the B2B web is different from creating a standard B2C site.

Understanding your customer

Because you are selling to a business, not consumers in general, different dynamics. Wendy Flanagan, co-president of Murray media, a design and Technology Agency, has contributed a blog guest on Tech Affects website, which says: "Getting to know your best customer, we can help make the online experience that suits your needs, and appeals to your aesthetic. "

It is recommended to ask customers for their latest CRM data and sales statistics to find out what attracts customers and what is not.

Creating a coherent voice and personality to your site

It can vary within wide limits; it depends on what it is you are selling. While some companies have a light heart and personal in their tone, some are serious and formal. You know who you want to visit your site, and develop their voice and general physical condition around it.

Develop a clear flow of information

It is important that when a potential customer visits your site, not confused by the fact that actually offers. Michelle Linn of the Savvy B2B Marketing website says that all visitors should be able to find information before anything else.

It is recommended to ask this question every section of the site: "Is this already providing useful, understandable and relevant information to my readers?"

UI design is easy to navigate your site

Business professionals do not respond to the loss of time in order to maximize their visits and online sales, make sure that everything is accessible and clear in message.

This includes managing all partitions as a landing page. You do not know how a visitor will enter your site, either through the homepage, or a random page in which the search engine falling. Each page should have a clear menus and brand messages, so visitors can navigate the rest of your site.

Open up an easy line of communication

First, there is a page about your company and how it will bring a different experience to your potential customer. Second, provide a phone number, mailing address and email address so that customers know they are both legal and readily available.

Maintain consistency

This includes writing your site, visual effects, and the total content. Like everything else, your website will be updated, and as usual, do not forget your overall message, persona and the voice when doing so down the road.

This is not the only thing to develop a B2B website for Myanmar b2b website, but if you take care with these things that you will be well on your way to success.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Advantages & Disadvantages of B2B

The business-to-business operation is a company that sells products or services to other companies, in contrast to the consumer. Compared to the retailer or direct-to-consumer business, B2B has a several strengths and weaknesses, which you must accept before starting or investing in one.

Market Predictability and Stability

B2B markets are more predictable and stable. While consumer confidence quickly up and down, B2B sector, usually develop gradually. After providing the relationship with its customers, its ability to supply them can last at least a year or more. In fact, B2B buyers typically sign contracts with suppliers to ensure that prices and conditions. These contracts allow you to plan revenue budgets with accuracy.

More Customer Loyalty

The evolution of the management of the supply chain and collaborative thinking on distribution channels contributes to the high level of customer loyalty. After establishing a relationship with a customer and proved its reliability as a supplier, it is typical to have a permanent commitment. B2B 
buyers can not afford to be as fickle as consumers. It is expensive and time consuming for customers of the company to make significant providers of products or services changes. Companies and their customers rely on the consistency of product quality, reliability, service and value. While you 
take care of your responsibilities, loyalty is a B2B strength.

Smaller Customer Pool

The number of potential buyers in the B2B market is much lower than in the ordinary consumer market. You sell to business that then sell to customers. If you make niche products or offer specialized services to small industry, you can only have 10 to 20 customers in a particular geographic area. Even if your products or services, have a wider appeal among businesses, companies pool is reduced, since many of them created by network providers. You not only have to go after unattached buyers, but you need to steal customers away from generating sufficient revenue to survive.

Marketing Challenges

B2B companies face significant marketing challenges relative to B2C peers. Digital marketing is a especially challenging. While B2B companies rely heavily on content marketing and social media to attract Internet users, B2B businesses are much more difficult. B2C social media is used to attract 
consumers. How to interact with B2B Internet users and the social media is more complex. Therefore, Myanmar B2B providers must plan carefully and invest in the quality staff or third parties to benefit from these digital tools.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

5 Ways To Get Started in B2B Content Marketing

5 ways b2b marketing1

Identify an Internal Champion

If you want to start content marketing, you need someone to lead the charge. There are two main tasks of this person, and no matter if they have the title of content marketing or not. First, they set the effort strategy. They need both authority and vision for how content marketing can incorporate into a business. The second function is internal education. As a marketing approach to content marketing is a big cultural change for many B2B organizations, someone has to sell the story of both executives and other marketers. Success will come with a comprehensive understanding of what is required of everyone, and not by a small group of pushing the content without the support of others.

Review Current Marketing Plans

Content marketing can not succeed in the bladder. You must match the rest of your marketing plans. Start with the character and make sure you understand how other marketing campaigns to communicate with them. You do not want to disrupt what is already happening, especially if it works. You want to add a layer on top of the funnel, valuable content to the marketing mix.

Audit Existing Content

Before you start from scratch, you need to check all the content that already exists. For most organizations, it really is not adopted content marketing, most of the marketing materials are products focused. If you’re lucky, there are things beyond the content of the type of conventional feed and speed. Definitely find technical documents, case studies, customer feedback, explainer video. All these elements can be used as you think about the content at all stages of the buying cycle. If you know that already exists, you can create additional content that connects more points with your clients, showing them that you understand their business pain points.

Establish Goals

Neither marketing is never successful if all does not agrees measures of success. Again, this must be coordinated with other marketing efforts, and it is no secret. If your marketing team is measured by driving marketing to potential customers, what should be your metrics for content marketing. If you focus on driving pipeline, you have to measure against it. Therefore, your success will be understood by the rest of the organization.

Create a Pilot Project

As you can not change everything in one night, it is better to start small and develop processes around the creating of new content. While content marketing efforts is long term and can not have the results quickly, a pilot project for the product line, or the nature of the customer will help you and your organization understand what is involved in this change in the content marketing.
This is not the only thing to do to start using content marketing for Myanmar B2B, but if you start with these five things that you will be well on your way to success.

Monday, June 20, 2016

4 Steps For B2B Content Marketing To More Effective

4 Steps For B2B Content Marketing
You believe that content marketing is a powerful idea, but its current approach is not as effective as it could be, how you can improve? Content Marketers shared their views on how to make content marketing more attractive, more efficient use of this content, and ensure that content marketing programs to contribute to the company's profitability. The main panel of experts surveyed include: strategic focus on creating more high-quality content; talk to customers, so you can simulate their language; take measurements tactics that will help you to link back to the content of the income; not to neglect the content distribution.

1. Invest more quality content and substance, because the content is a strategic business asset.

Experts and specialists advise their colleagues in marketing to make the content more specific, accurate and appropriate messages for the target audience. Based on their experience, to spend more time planning a variety of messages and content formats for a variety of retail outlets, functions and stages of the path of the buyer is a profitable investment. They found that the creation of better content and more strategically to make them better contribute to corporate objectives.

2. Incorporate feedback from across the customer lifecycle to make the language of the content more effective. 

Practitioners said that during a conversation with customers, prospects, and the target market is large, and the A/B test marketing messages linguistically, sellers can be more confident in the fact that not only which ideas, but also which words to his audience identifies with. Marketing can also be used internal resources, for example, sales people and customer success managers, who speak directly with buyers and customers at different stages, to create a more informed, engaging content. Some marketers use content created by the customer as important to replace the traditional marketing content such as whitepapers and case studies, deploying customer language directly as a marketing asset.

3. Don’t get caught up on leads, but do remember that content marketing has a revenue responsibility. 

While lead generation can be a content marketing purposes (and of inbound programs generally), the experts noted that it is useful to remember that the primary purpose is broader: building a foundational relationship with your audience. While taking advantage of the contents of a closed form can help you put a contact in the current education of children, some doctors believe that the content of the gates detracts from its ability to build trust at the top of the funnel. They said that it is important to synchronize sales and marketing around the goals and expectations for content marketing programs, and then track success in the short and long-term transformation. Whether you use  content marketing software, attribution tools, spreadsheets, or a mixture of product analysis, the balance of these goals can help you use the content in a way that creates a strong and long-term pipeline and is more copacetic with the buyer's journey.

4. Distribute and amplify your content thoughtfully—make content convenient and accessible to your audience. 

According to experts, the distribution of content is one of the most overlooked, but essential to the content aspects of marketing strategy. They diagnose the good message that fails to attract the attention of the public as a common tragedy, usually due to incorrect timing, location or delivery methods. Experts suggest that the best practice is to publish content to the owned website or other media, as well as the creation of other materials that can fit into a coherent part of the days proceedings on a regular basis. There are other methods, such as the inclusion of powerful marketing and SEO keywords, for extending the reach of the content and make sure it does not stay siloed.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Top 5 Social Media Platforms for Myanmar Business

Social media marketing is the best way to introduce people to your brand. This is a great way to promote your brand to potential customers. Building brand awareness is very valuable to any business. Many online shoppers find product information, from social media networks and, consequently, spending habits, and helps to create the effect of brand loyalty. Research says that social media networks are platforms where consumers discover new brands, products and services.

Benefits of Social Media Platforms

You can see an increase in sales and revenue through social media marketing. With the help of these platforms can attract customers directly to improve sales.

Messages can be written about one's businesses with links to their products and sales of their fans. Sellers can sell products to target audiences with advertising materials and advertising on different platforms of social media. The biggest advantage of this marketing is its ability to target specific audiences.

Social networks have an extensive knowledge about consumer demographics and interests. It helps marketers target the right people with the right message.

Five of the most important social media platforms for Myanmar business are:


This social media platform is the most commonly used on the Internet about 1.65 Billions monthly active users. As the largest networking site, it is possible to connect and share content. In this case, business owners can set up a Facebook page for their brands and companies to interact with people. Then they need to start posting about your products to the targeted consumers. Many marketing agencies and marketers know how to succeed in these pages in the strength of knowledge as:

-by coming up with the best market plan for your target group

-How many times to post per day

-knowledge of specific hours of the day for better customer engagement

-Whether the audience reacts better to photos, videos or text posts

-should the conversation be friendly or in a business tone


The updates, published in this social network has a 140 character limit of tweets and has the best marketing and business messages sent as tweets to increase the visibility of your business. Business owners can keep track of people talking about your business or related.


Communities are very strong in this environment, and business leaders need to find community related to your business and interact with people through the rich texts and relevant keywords. Your business brand must have a Google+ page with reports and description of the profile.


It provides space for companies to expand their business to a different audience, mainly specialists with a powerful profile page. You must set up a company page with detailed information about your activities of the office. An important feature of this network is starting a group and you can create a group around your business to promote your business.


Many companies promote themselves admirably in Instagram by publishing original and creative images. Brands that use Instagram becoming very popular for its interesting visual content and the integration of the most popular hashtags in their posts.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Creative Ideas for B2B Marketing

Business-to-business, or B2B (Myanmar B2B), products and services are a slightly different animal when it comes to marketing. Traditional media such as marketing cold calling and direct mail are not as effective. However, the marketing to business is not impossible. With a few out-of-the-box tactics, such as social networking and email marketing, you can make some encouraging results. I have listed a few ideas below.

Email Marketing

Email marketing currently has one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) in marketing arena- currently a whopping $ 43 for every $ 1 spent, according to the Direct Marketing Association. Use an old trend to buy a huge list of email addresses and blast them with your message. But since the CAN-SPAM law has been enacted, it is now illegal to send people without their permission. Nevertheless, there are still ways to grow a mailing list at home, which can generate results.

Search Marketing

Many B2B companies are using search engine marketing, both paid and organic (unpaid) to generate traffic to their websites and landing pages. Going to the phone book can be a method of “search” of the past, doing an online search on the Internet using Google, Yahoo or Bing is what people do now when search for potential business customers.

Social Media Marketing

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offers companies a variety of ways to provide valuable content to attract audiences, wherever they are and quickly generate referrals. While some may think that these sites are exclusively for business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, the B2B presence grows. LinkedIn, especially, is a business social networking tool. The popularity of these social networks due to the huge potential of word-of-mouth. This creates a positive buzz online about your brand that attracts people to you.


Previously, only the online journals of the cat lady, blogs, or Web logs, are now big business. According to Technorati’s State of the blogosphere for 2008 , they have indexed
133 million blogs since 2002, ranging from personal to business. Business blogging provides a way to display news and products to demonstrate their knowledge as a thought leader, and to provide information that is valuable to your industry. Great content will pull visitors to your site, where you have the opportunity to develop confidence and loyal customers.


Marketing is not only made a fundamental shift from push (audience interruption messages) to pull (to attract people to your message) marketing in the B2C arena but in the B2B arena, as well. The tips mentioned above, if done correctly, can help attract business customers to the service, the message, the product and the brand.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What Do B2B and B2C mean?

B2B and B2C are common abbreviations related to the business-to-business and business-to-comsumer company formats. B2B company sells goods or services to other companies for commercial use or resale. B2C company sells goods or services directly to domestic consumers for personal consumption.

B2B Basics

B2B companies can sell general supplies and services for many types of business, or specialize in certain industries. For example, a trucking company markets its transport services producers, wholesalers and retailers. Logistics company providing logistics services to businesses. Manufacturers and wholesalers are a B2B company, because they make or buy goods and then sell them to other companies for resale.

B2C Basics

Retailers are the largest suppliers of B2C channel. The brick-and-mortar stores, online shopping and catalog retailers market goods and services to consumers. Some discount and department stores sell a few categories of products and appeal to a broad market. Other B2C providers specialize in a category or type of customer. Direct-to-consumers sales represents another B2C format. Mary Kay and Tupperware are common examples. This market B2C channel, individual representatives market and sell products to friends, family and other contacts network.

I hereby to inform you about B2B basics and B2C basics. One of the Myanmar B2B e-commerce platform is

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How to Start a Business With No Money

Starting your own business is a dream that many people have. However, few follow through impulses to start a business because they think that they do not have enough money to start a new business. With the emergence and development of e-commerce, starting a business can now be done with little or no money. Read on to learn how to do it.

Assess what skills and equipment and assets you have already that you can use to start a business. For example, if you have a computer, Internet access and writing skills, you can start an independent business with little or no money.

Determine what type of business you want to start. Take into account your interests, your current skills, the amount of time you want to spend on your new business and what kind of business you can start with no money.

Explore the options for your business. If you are interested in online business, then you can look at the freelance art business, freelance business and writing freelance data entry. If you have your own office equipment, and if you have experience in the accounting field, you can set the outsourcing secretarial service.
Scan through your Sunday ads for companies that offer work from a remote location. This is a great way to make business contacts and get your home business off the ground.

Read job listings online for telecommuting positions or consulting positions. Sites like "Craigslist", and "Monster" are both great places to find job opportunities.

Creating a business plan to help organize your myanmar business and create goals for their future. You can download a template business plan online for free. Use this as a guide to help you create a business plan for your business.

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