Monday, December 5, 2016

How to Acid Stain a Concrete Wall

How to Acid stain a concrete wall

When it comes to acidic dyes and concrete walls are unique challenges. Most of acid dirt available for concrete water consistency. When you try to apply that acid dyeing to the wall, it will not adhere, but will run down the wall and will be on all the floor. If you would like to add depth and color to your concrete wall, there is a solution, nonetheless. To achieve a beautiful acid-stained smart concrete wall, perform the following steps.

Look for a supplier to color the concrete acid gel. If you are searching on the internet, enter "gel concrete acid stained" Source gel Specific acid stain is included in the following resources.

Select color or colors. Concrete acid dyeing work by chemical action on concrete. These acid stains made from natural minerals. Although the colors are limited, they perform a lush brown range like avacado. You can apply a second coat to change the appearance of a specific color or achieve a dark color by overlaying mixed colors with other colors. Please note that cement only, acidic dyes will not work with sand or rock. If your "concrete" wall is a mixture of rock and concrete, you can not get the required appearance by acid staining.

Prep the wall. Acid dyeing can not be used if the wall was previously waterproofed. If your concrete wall has some paint residue, varnish or adhesive, apply paint or adhesive strippers made to remove the problem residue before applying dirt it must be used. Including residues or arbitrary regions will not accept any acid dyeing if it affects the color of your acid dyeing or is not properly deleted.

Prep your work area. Because you are working with an acid, which could damage any surface you want to mask, cover any surrounding surfaces you want to mask and protect. If you are working indoors, the floor near your concrete wall, wooden trim and ceiling should be covered. If you are working with a retaining wall on the street, if you are not staining the surface as well, you would like to cover concrete walking under the wall.

Please wear protective clothing. You need rubber gloves, old working clothes, sunglasses, and apply gel concrete acid dyeing. You are working with acid. When it stains your clothes, if you happen to contact with him, it will irritate the skin and eyes.

Apply gel stained acid concrete. Gel dyeing has consistency of thickness pudding. I believe it is easy to operate with the help of putting some paint into the tray. To apply dirt, please use foaming brush or paint pad. If you are using one color, apply a uniform layer all over. A Gallon of gel acid stain contains from 200 to 300 square feet, depending on how your porous wall is. Depending on the type you want, if you are using two colors, you can overlap random patterns to create a "marble" appearance. You can even use their creativity to make the patterns like sun, diamond, or something more complicated.

The gel hardens the concrete acid dyeing on the wall according to the instructions on packaging. Cure time within the range of the minimum value from 2 to 8 hours. If you work outdoors on a concrete, make sure the wall is protected from rain and water during curing time. Wall treatment modifies the appearance of white residue and color on the wall you notice puff. This is normal.

Neutralize the concrete acid stain. After curing, time has passed, you are a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and water, you can neutralize acid dyeing. Please use 1 or 2 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate per gallon of water. I use a pump up sprayer and spray the mixture of baking soda on the wall from the top down. I used a large sponge soaked the sponge mixture so that it sprayed like running down the wall and not compromising the following colors. Assistant store VAC is used to collect lips-free mixture. If you are working with the outside of the wall and not very concerned about the mess, you can saturate the mixture and the concrete walls with your own spray bottle.

Please clean the wall. When you neutralize the wall, it cleans the wall and uses clean water to remove all the residue. Use a nylon brush to remove stubborn residues.

It can be dried. The walls are allowed to dry thoroughly before sealing. This may take up to 24 hours depending on the climate.

I admire the wall of a new acid dyeing concrete! Acid Dyeing The wall of concrete is easy and fun to do. Once you master the art of acid-dyed concrete, all the walls of your home may be concrete!

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