Friday, October 28, 2016

What is Myanmar Thanaka?

What is Myanmar Thanaka?
What is Myanmar Thanaka?

In Myanmar, girls and women used Burmese tree bark thanaka finely ground for centuries on skin cream embellishments and protective called simply Thanaka. Gold color Thanaka available in all markets in Myanmar and is used by young and old.

Skin benefits of Thanaka

Natural ingredients of Thanaka help the skin to defend itself, of course, from the harmful UV rays and reduce moisture loss. In addition, a study by the University of London and Bangkok, it was found that a high concentration of antioxidants and the barks anti-inflammatory properties rejuvenate the facial skin.

Effect and Application

Myanmar Thanaka has strong anti-inflammatory, an important antioxidant, mild tyrosinase inhibition and antibacterial activity. Furthermore, Thanaka contains an active ingredient marmesin which serves as a natural UV-A protection. Traditionally, Thanaka used as a mask by crushing the shells, wood or Thanaka roots of trees with a small amount of water on a circular stone slab called Kyauk Pyin to form a liquid paste.

Usage in the Beauty Industry

Thanaka used for all types of skin care and color cosmetics, such as:
  • facial masks
  • thanaka creams
  • skin foundations
  • soaps
  • body lotions
  • perfumes
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