Monday, August 22, 2016

How To Choose a CNC Cutting Machine

To select a CNC cutting machine more suitable, we must consider the following factors: the width of the cutting structure, the height adjustment mode cutoff mode.They burner may also be mounted together on request.

1). Cutting Breadth

Cutting width refers to the width and length of the effective cutting.
1) Take portable type as example, when our machine is installed on the plate should be considered Teo aspects: a, the size of the workpiece, you should make sure that the machine can cut in an hour; b, width of plate.When machine is placed on the plate, effective cutting width should be as long as plate width, in order to reduce the frequent movement our portable cutting.
2) On the other type which is the same, reducing the width of our machine is dependent on the characteristics of the plate to be cut. You must make sure that the machine can cut the workpiece during time.Otherwise, it is not convenient to move our machine time and again.For gantry structure, to improve efficiency, you can put two plates in the longitudinal direction or in the transverse direction at the same time.

2). Structure

We have a portable, cantilever, gantry and table type.
Portable console and type: easy to transport and install, compact, low cost.But effective width of the cut is limited.
Gantry type, good rigidity, cutting width can be up to 3-10m. But that need high requirements for precision and special plant installation area.
Table type is an integral part of the structure, with a fast and accurate placement, but the extent of the cut is limited.

3). Cutting Mode

Cutting mode can be classified from different perspectives:
Flame cutting, plasma cutting, two flame and plasma cutting;
Dry type plasma cutting and Under water plasma cutting;
CNC and Strip Cutting Machine (Linear cutting machine);
CNC intersection cutting (cutting pipe).

4). Torch Height adjusting mode

Regardless of the fact that the flame or plasma cutting, all that we need to ensure that the distance between the torch and the plate is most suitable for the best cut quality and extend the life of the cutting nozzle.

Torch height setting mode:
1). Manual adjustment
the wheel via the driving gear rack torch to adjust the height of the torch.

2). Electric adjusting
Click through the motor controller drive torch up and down.
The above statement, so you need to adjust the height of the torch.

3). Capacitive height controller for flame cutting
On the one hand, this device can automatically adjust the height of the torch to maintain a constant height; On the other hand, after preheating, when we open the high pressure cutting oxygen, there will be slag spatter.Thus it is easy to jam cutting nozzle.With the device before opening the high-pressure oxygen, torch is mounted in advance.After slag splashing down the torch itself, so that avoid nozzle jam.

4). Arc voltage height controller for plasma cutting
On the one hand, speed of plasma cutting very quickly, on the other hand, the plasma arc is very dazzling.As consequence, if traders are watching the distance between the cutting torch and the plate, at all times, they can not catch up with the cutting speed and your eyes can not see for the plasma arc long time..This still difficult, if the plate is very thin. So, which usually set the device by using plasma cutting.

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