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Compressed Air Dryer & Filter Installation

Compressed Air Dryer & Filter Installation
Compressed Air Dryer & Filter Installation

Compressed air dryers and the installation of the filter provides clean, dry compressed air to a equipment that uses air as a motive power. Filter and dry air to protect equipment from damage due to contaminants in the air, such as liquid water, steam, dust in the atmosphere, on a scale from internal surfaces of pipes and breakdown products of lubricants in the air compressor.


The compressed air dryer and associated filter are selected based on several considerations. They begin with the volume and pressure of air must be clean and dry. Then look at the environment of the dryer and the filter will be: What are the surrounding temperature; you will be exposed to vibration? Another consideration is in dry form, that is, how low must be compressed air dew point. Availability of service and reliability, and other considerations. Another issue is that requires continued operation of compressed air systems.

Compressed Air Dryers

There are three common types of compressed air dryers: single-tower dryer, regenerative dryer and refrigerated dryer.

The single-tower dryer is filled with a desiccant dissolved deliquescent as it absorbs water vapor. Liquid desiccant must be emptied periodically and replaced with fresh desiccant. This is usually done only a few times a year. A single tower dryer requires no external power source.

Regeneration or two tower dryer, a tower used for drying compressed air, while the other tower dryer having its moisture removed. Dryer dried (regenerated) by means of heat or an air bled off from the active tower. Regenerative dryer is used when the flow of compressed air is continuous.

The cooled compressed air dehumidifier using a cooling unit for condensing water vapor in the compressed air and a water separator to remove liquid water. Refrigerated dryer can provide the supply of compressed air with a dew point of 35 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Refrigerated air driers are used for supplying air to the air temperature control systems. They do well in a clean temperature-controlled environment room.

Select the type of compressed air dryer is based on an analysis of its use, positioning, available power and pneumatic equipment served. If more than one type will do the job, then the cost of the initial cost, reliability and maintenance of additional considerations.

Compressed Air Filters

Compressed air filters protect the dryer and the equipment using compressed air from damage. There are two types of filter elements, coalescing and particulate.

Particulate filters remove particles that are not removed by the compressor air pre-filter cleaning and other particles. Coalescing filters pollutants together so that they can be captured by the filter element. Selection of the type of filter used is based on an assessment of the various contaminants that may be present.

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