Thursday, July 7, 2016

Top 5 B2B Brands Who Rocked Storytelling

Top 5 B2B Brands who rocked storytelling

B2C storytelling has a long history and stable. Think Don Draper of Mad Men, which was basically tell good stories (and act less intoxicated than it was supposed to). But B2B? It is harder to reach good examples of successful marketing companies to other companies with an interesting history of the brand.

And while going to get away with it before, B2B landscape is changing, thanks in part to the rise of Millennials in influential positions B2B.

The story not only for the B2C, however, despite the fact that many B2Bs make the mistake of thinking it. In fact, other companies are so susceptible to his stories moving, as consumers, especially because in the end, is still faced with one or a group of decision - makers. And with so many myanmar B2B newcomers rise from the edge in branding, the history of the brand has become one of the most important assets of a B2B marketing giant players and neophytes.

Here are five brands that are completely killed with their storytelling of this year. If you want to amplify their marketing efforts and attract customers and clients like never before, take a page from their book.

1). Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a god when it comes to inbound marketing. Why? Because their efforts they are based on the idea that users tell stories that consumers who donate campaign to see carried move. The stories are all Kickstarter ago, and even his own story - We help people to tell their stories - it's pretty compelling. This is a classic example of a site that uses the connection to speak directly with the core businesses and consumers. The result? An insane number of successful campaigns and ever-growing value.

2). LinkedIn

You do not think of LinkedIn as a B2B marketing engine, but oh, it is. This is not the same as the place to help other B2B marketers (who does, and regular users). No, LinkedIn is a business that service business par excellence. It helps companies build a brand, to connect to each other, the market effectively and get the big conclusions. And it does all this by saying a very simple, but very compelling story: We connect people better than anyone. Lesson: Find your bailiwick, and refuse to stop talking about it.

3). Salesforce

Salesforce is a B2B through serving other companies with tools that help them sell, market and analyzed. At the top it has an excellent service, which tell a story that is hard to ignore.

Well, actually, they do not say. They allow their customers to do so. Although this is not a new trick - it is the basis of most of the marketing of witnesses there - really mastered this technique and turned it into an art form with their success stories. In addition to a full review of the experience of each client (no more quote here!) They also showcase a several-minute of video.

4). Zendesk

In an effort to increase their marketing efforts, Zendesk launched a campaign, which was completely new to the world of marketing and at the same time, tried and true: a fake story. Of course, marketers create false stories all the time. The world is full of false advertisements evidence that whole narrative, but Zendesk has taken a different approach.

They made a band called Zendesk Alternative was formed with semi-grungy musicians and a special website. Predicated on the idea that the only group is good enough to be labeled as an alternative to Zendesk is a fading rock band called, curiously enough, Zendesk Alternative, the site brought tons of traffic to a real company. Talk about rocking.

5). Cisco

Cisco Systems, company extremely influential California-based technology, uses the story perfectly, to highlight its brand, its experience and ongoing efforts to stay at the cutting edge of digital and technology. But perhaps one of the best things to do is tell a story. Consider this announcement, or words of Tim Washer, Sr. Marketing Manager of Social Media: "When I can not find compelling statistic to support my argument statistics, I have to invent one: 73 percent of people who read B2B blogs are people. " Be funny, honey. It works.

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