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How to Re-Varnish Rattan Furniture

How to Re-Varnish Rattan Furniture
How to Re-Varnish Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is one of the myanmar furnitures. Rattan furniture is similar to wicker, but uses thicker strings, harder wood to form the shape of the part. Rattan furniture, usually either polished or painted (with varnish or polyurethane) to protect the wood from moisture and wear. When a varnish on rattan begins to fade, the wood itself becomes vulnerable to damage from moisture and other problems, it is important to clog. The preparation includes getting a very clean piece and lightly sanded so new glow stick.

Fill the bucket with a gallon of warm water with a little soap for washing dishes. Scrub down the entire cabinet, allowing water to penetrate into the wood fibers. Rinse the piece well with clean warm water. Allow it to dry completely in a few days, preferably in the sun. The design of the furniture should shrink and harden as it dries.

Sand the entire surface of a piece of sandpaper 260-grit. Fold the paper, if necessary, to enter into all the cracks. Use a hair dryer to blow away the dust.

Shake the spray bottle finishes. It is sprayed uniformly on the surface of the furniture from the top and work down each side. Hold the nozzle on one leg piece, and keep it in motion. It is very light thin coat without dripping.

Let the first coat is dry to the touch (about an hour). Apply second coat in the same manner. Again, this is a very fine and uniform, work your way slowly around the entire piece and get the paint into all the cracks.

Let the second coat dry. The application of the third layer, if necessary. Let the last coat dry for two days before using the furniture.

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